About Us

At Revival Church, Miracles Are A Common Thing!

Regardless of whether it is a marriage being restored; a drug addict getting free and living a life they could have only dreamed; a depressed person never having to struggle with depression again after battling it for decades;  or a mother holding on for the life of their child only to see God turn the situation around in ways she never thought possible; or seeing
Hepatitis C and many other medical diagnosis’s completely disappearing from a person’s body without any medical treatment other than the diagnosis of sick and then healed…
it is always like living in the greatest movie ending we’ve ever seen. But we call it real life!

Thanks to God and His Word (Bible), we have the tools and understanding of why we are here, why good people suffer, why good people turn bad, but also how to fix it!

We at Revival Church know there are many who have heard about Jesus in various ways over the course of their lives, but simply may not know why they need Him.
Many believe they know why people recommend Him, but they really may not know why they themselves need Him.
We love sharing Christ in a way where He can relate to all mankind, because that’s who He is. Most just don’t fully grasp the revelation and we would like that chance to be able to share to the best of our ability. 
In doing so, these amazing life miracles we see on a regular basis become theirs too. 🙂

We would love for you to stop in.